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Welcome my site “ICT Corner.com”. If you want to know about us, read the article well and you will know everything.

About Us : About Us

What is “ICT Corner”. 

ICT Corner is a blog site. This blog site is Technology related. ICT Detailed form – Information and Communication Technology. There are in Technology, Educational, Historical and Playing related.

The present age is the age of information technology. Information technology has brought everything to our fingertips. With the help of information technology, it is becoming possible to exchange all the news from one end of the world to the other. Instantly we get all the news. So we all need to have special knowledge about information technology. And this website is always with you to provide comprehensive information about information technology.

Education is the backbone of the nation. Without education no person can prosper in life. But education must be real education. Poor education does not lead people to good paths. So we will be educated in good education and build ourselves as well as build the country. If the country survives, we will survive, if we survive, the country will survive.

I love to know history. History is my favorite subject. And sports is my favorite. I used to play football when I was young. Currently I love sports more. Sports keeps the body healthy, the mind cheerful, the brain fresh. The role of sports is many. So you do sports. Exercise to keep your body in shape. If your body is fine, you are fine. If the body is not right, nothing in the world will be good. In short, the body is fine, everything is fine.

My Info :

My name is Md. Munjur Rahman.  I am in service man. Now writing a blogging. I am a sample man. Also want to be honest man. I love Allah. I love my parents. I love my country so mach.

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I presented this much about us to you. Now I expect your opinion. Invited all friend. Thank you.

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